It's like working with a cofounder.

Bullet-proof game plans for product, design, marketing, growth, and bizops. Delivered on-demand.

We get it.
It's difficult to cultivate the right talent for your venture
the vision
what was created
what was seen
We bridge that gap
by speaking the languages that help teams move together better.
your vision
what's created
what's seen
Turn initiatives into
executable strategies
languages we speak:
For teams looking for a clear vision of success and a practical understanding of how to get there.
For teams defining how people should interact with their solution, how it works, and what it might look like.
For teams who want to grow, engage, understand, or develop relationships with their audiences.
For teams who have already found product-market-fit and are ready to scale their systems, markets, and product lines.
For people looking to develop better teams, capabilities, and processes.
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I am a (co) founder
I have a team
I have many teams
Non-technical founders looking to get their idea from zero to one
Technical founders looking to create a distinct positioning, messaging, and brand identity
Founders who need to communicate their vision before it's built
Founders ready to launch their product for the world to see
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Leaders who have been unable to hire the right talent to scale their teams
Leaders missing core marketing, product, or design expertise
Leaders who need someone they can count on to take ownership of an entire product launch or marketing campaign
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Teams who have already found product-market-fit
Teams ready to scale their customers, processes, markets, and product lines
Teams who want to digitally transform their operations
Teams looking for people management, process optimisation, and team enablement
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You bring the vision, we bring the strategists.
Our network of multi-disciplinary A-players have diverse backgrounds and industry experience.
Blockchain / NFTs
Online communities
Consumer electronics
Fashion tech
Travel & lifestyle
Social apps
Luxury retail
Interior design
We think with you
and take the time to clearly understand your vision, business, and industry. This ensures that we’re always moving in the right direction.
We create game plans
based on what success means to you. The objectives we set together determine the resources, skills, and systems you’ll need.
We move teams forward
whether you’re leveraging your own teams or tapping into our network of A-players. We design processes, develop skillsets, and manage change to achieve a common goal.
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