Bold thinking. Practical doing. Ridiculously high standards.
A bootstrapped venture builder.
We recruit leaders to take our market-ready ventures to the next level. Comes with product, design, and marketing expertise, plus up to 70% equity.
Learn the art and science of business skills through a series of card sets and conversations.
1001 ideas
Impromptu brainstorms for when you're feeling stuck, need inspiration, or just some honest feedback.
[In Development]
Get paid to learn. Solve business challenges alongside real clients, guides, and mentors.
[in development]
For an idea to thrive, it needs room to breathe.
New ventures begin with a sense of purpose and passion. Unfortunately, it’s easy to lose our way by chasing premature growth and vanity metrics.

This takes the focus away from why we started in the first place.

At BSQ Labs, we work relentlessly to create the best representations of an idea. This often involves taking on big risks, deviating from the norm, and saying no to short-term wins that compromise long-term goals.
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