The big picture
New ventures begin with a sense of purpose and passion.
Unfortunately, it’s easy to lose our way by trying to get things done instead of doing them right.
brick by brick
Sprints are feedback loops for your venture
You tell us where you want to go, and we plan and deliver sprints to get you there. Traditionally, ‘sprints’ refer to a software development style, but we apply it to everything we do.
a team in your pocket
Sprints come in five categories
We offer 40+ sprints across product, design, marketing, growth, and management. You decide the level of detail.
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you call the shots
You are in control of what we do and when
Course-correct quick and often by keeping things focused and time-boxed. Every sprint ends with a handover-ready deliverable.
it's like having a cofounder
Strategists move your vision forward
They help you decide what you’ll need and how to get there.

Whether you have your own teams, are hiring from talent marketplaces, or want to use brainsquad’s network of sprint owners – strategists set goals, give guidance, and represent your vision.
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Languages we speak
For teams looking for a clear vision of success and a practical understanding of how to get there.
For teams defining how people should interact with their solution, how it works, and what it might look like.
For teams who want to grow, engage, understand, or develop relationships with their audiences.
For teams who have already found product-market-fit and are ready to scale their systems, markets, and product lines.
For people looking to develop better teams, capabilities, and processes.
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